Replacement Pickups for Rickenbacker® Bass

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Classic Rick 400x Bridge/Treble

Treble (Bridge) Pickup

$180.00 -USD

Our Classic RickTM replacement bass pickups deliver the unique tone of vintage bass pickups, we build ours to get that vintage tone but also solving two major problems inherent in vintage OEM pickups like the balance between 1st/4th strings -vs- 2nd/3rd strings and have acheived string balance with no need for adjustable poles.

We've also fixed the lame output problem of the vintage OEM pickups by using much better magnets, and calibrating them to the pole positions. Our Classic RickTM pickups will enable your Ric to sound vintage and keep up with modern gear.

Scatter-wound with #44 wire on my own FR4 bobbin cores, made in-house, we use much better magnets than the weak OEM compound-rubber fridge magnet and we use individual magnets for each pole piece allowing for better string balance and tone articulation and my customers tell me the difference is amazing. Standard vintage replacement wind is 7.6K -to- 8.3K DCR, or I can custom wind yours to your own spec, no additional charge. We also use a much better cable lead connection method replacing that old funky bare lead ends and solder joints (ie; hum antennas) of the OEM style wiring under the pickups, we use an assembly technique where the signal wires run fully shielded all the way to the pickup coil for the lowest possible stray hum/noise as can be seen in the picture above.

With our pickups installed in your Rickenbacker® you can finaly keep up with other modern instruments while retaining that classic tone, and a modern Rick can finally get that vintage tone you likely bought it for but found missing!.


Download wiring-hookup diagrams here:
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Classic Rick Neck/Bass Pickup

$145.00 -USD

(Neck/Bass pickup)




Classic Rick Bass Pickup Set

$280.00 -USD

(Bridge and Neck Pickup set)






Classic Rick Bass 5-String Pickup

$180.00 -USD

(Bridge/Treble pickup)








Classic Rick Bass
4004 & 4005 Pickup Set

$275.00 -USD

Single Coil pickup set for 4004 and 4005 series

Available only in Chrome or Black,
Gold finish currently not available.

Surface mount, not for recessed mount.








Classic Rick "Shoe-less" for V63/C64

$180.00 -USD)

This Pickup is not compatable with OEM shoes








Have a Pacific-Rim Copy?
(AliExpress, Weifang, Rebon, Rockinbetter, etc)

You'll know by now it doesn't sound exactly like a Rick,
and you'll probably also know the bridge has a wider
string spacing than a Ric therefore you can't just
drop-in a standard Ric pickup


No worries!
I make a pickup for those instruments too
with a pole spacing to suit the wider bridge
but built to get the proper vintage Ric tone:


Classic Rick Bass
Pacific Rim Instruments

$180.00 -USD









Neck Pickup Covers

$18.00 -USD each
Comes with baseplate and 4 screws


Click here to read more about our covers








Aluminum Bracket
for OEM Ric Bridge/Treble pickup

$30.00 -USD


If your Ric's bridge pickup has that cheap plastic pickup bracket which leaves your bridge pickup completely exposed to hum/buzz you can replace it with a more vintage correct aluminum replacement bracket.




We also make one for the Ric Humbucker pickup!



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