Some old pics...

My new SG

With a band called "Night Wing" '80 Summer Concerts In The Park
series at the Boise Band Shell

Recorded some original material with these guys in '81

My first custom job 1980

I drove Tow Trucks for a while in 1989

Got into photography for a while, this is a time-lapse shot
of down town Seattle at twilight





Anne and I met in 1992

Married June 3, 1995

Anne and Susan with "sporting" rifles

Old-timey western saloon days


Then we bought our first house together
(and the "work" began)

Re-building the 2nd story deck



Front porch was getting crappy

So we rebuilt it to match the deck

The F'ugly bathroom countertop just had to go

New countertop and sinks for main bathroom ...YAY!

Insulating attic

Installing lighting in the attic

Old siding was comming off in the wind, and funky alumnimum windows all fogged-out

Cut/Prepped/Painted new siding planks and bags of new insulation ready

Rented a lift

Down with the old stuff

UP with the new stuff, and pop-in some new windows while we're at it

Doing the new windows on the front of the house
(we needed help from a friend doing the big window)

I needed a Table Saw to rip trim, didn't wanna rent one, so I made one

And then the water heater crapped-out, so in went a new one

And then (of course) the ice-maker in the fridge leaked and F'd-up the sub-flooring

so we had to re-do the entire kithchen/dining room flooring
and move some cabinets so the new fridge would fit


Some Newer pics...

Capilano tree bridges Vancouver BC

Anne grew these huge roses

My uncle Roger (Miller)

Classic Vibe production workbench

Classic Vibe-Baby production workbench

Classic Rick pickups production workbench

Anne put forward her company and won the "Washington Best Workplace" event


I'll post more pics later...




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